Stagnation on the Dukan weight-loss program

Runnning feet on road

If your weight is stagnating on the Dukan Diet, try something different. Add some interval training in your daily walk alternating between walking and running.

What is stagnation: simply that your weight gets stuck at a certain point and won’t seem to budge (below of course!) that weight. Dr Dukan writes about this in his book.

Recently I stayed on 65 kilos no matter what I did. Well, that’s not true but even a couple of pure protein days didn’t seem to do the trick.

My solution was to increase my aerobic exercise at the gym. I continued to walk in the mornings (40 minutes before breakfast). I still walked to my yoga classes (another 40 minutes all up) but I also added 10 minutes on a walking machine of two minutes at normal pace, one minute at high rate interval training.

It did the trick. After three days of the additional aerobic workout, I weighed in at 62.6 kilos.

Your solution may be different but sometimes it’s a matter of adding something or subtracting something: a bit more exercise or a bit less food intake.

Remember: it’s vital to drink at least 1.5 litres of water – can be tea or coffee that helps make up the total but I try to drink my water straight unless it has a splash of vodka in it!

Read about what you can eat in the Attack phase which will normally get your weight moving in the right direction.

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